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Merry Christmas 2020! Check out our top 5 favorite auto detailing you tube videos.


Check out this epic fail of a DIY paint correction after a guy watches chemical guys videos on youtube when he should of been watching Wicked Auto Detailing video’s and using other products and he ended up with the worst DIY detail fail you’ve ever seen on this jet black tesla Model X. Over 20 hours of his time went into making this vehicle the worst paint we’ve ever seen. It took us only 4 hours of paint correction and paint polishing to get this vehicle looking remotely normal although it did see some damage unfortunately. The owner is going to apply clear bra on the front end of the vehicle as well which will hide some of the swirls and paint damage left on the car. This poor Tesla didn’t see it coming! Do not fall into the chemical guys marketing trap with their 1000 different products that supposedly all do different things and their horrible foam pads and torq polisher. Buy quality tools like Griot Garage and Rupes and use compounds and polishes such as Shine Supply Classic Cut or Meguiars 105 and 205, really products without fillers. But really you should seek professional paint correction services for a sensitive black car like this Tesla Model X. See the amazing before and after paint correction on a black car in this black car detailing video!

Wicked Classic Cars Ep10 Datsun 510 Race Car | First Time Paint Correction

Time for Wicked Classic Cars Ep9! We have this Datsun 510 Racer here for first time paint correction on its fairly recent repaint after a TON of custom work went into this car. This datsun only sees the race track, it is not driven on the street at all. This car has a great kind of creamy white paint job which has no flake and is difficult to see defects in without proper lighting so its pretty easy to correct and make look good to the average eye. This car has a KA24DE swap from an S13, a custom roll cage, BRE fenders, a steering rack conversion, custom wiring and custom fuel system with a 10 gallon cell, it has QA1 and Koni Shocks and the interior is complete with Sparco seats and steering wheel. This wild little ride makes 270 horsepower and weighs 1900LB. INSANE!!

SO today I am here to make it look pretty for the race track do some paint correction and ceramic coating application so its much easier for our client here to clean all the track grime off the car. Knowing that its a race car we are definitely not going for a perfect correction here. It was just lightly dusty which was taken care of easily with Feynlab pure rinse less wash used as a waterless wash. Since it was only garage dust for the most part, I deemed this would be a good vehicle to do a walk through on how to use Feynlab Pure Rinseless wash as a waterless wash and how do the waterless car wash method.

Our next step is a light decon with a nano clay sponge and shine supply shine mist which of course on this tiny clean car goes pretty quick! I attempted to do a one stage paint correction but as always we end up switching over to a meguiars microfiber cutting pad and just go straight for cutting. However I did discovered that one drop of shine supply classic cut and shine supply classic polish on a microfiber pad actually finished down pretty nicely and since it was this creamy white color it did not need a second step after as you could barely see the marring.

I cleaned up the wheels with shine supply solution all purpose cleaner and then sprayed them with shine supply ride shine spray wax but I am not going to be putting tire dressing on since this is a track car. Some Dressings and gels can get messy or potentially mess with things as they get hot. I actually don’t know how much truth there is to this but I was told this by a friends shop that does a lot of race cars. I applied a no name ceramic coating that I had bashed a few weeks ago because I am not going to let free product go to waste, I also just did not like the company, their product might actually work well, who knows. This little datsun 510 race car looks absolutely fresh now! I was very happy with the results as was the owner, he has never seen it shine so bright! I can’t wait to see it in some pictures at the race track. Some of my favorite and commonly used products below:

Feynlab Pure rinse Less Wash https://www.instagram.com/wicked_mobile_protection/ Shine supply shine mist https://shinesupply.com/products/shine-mist?_pos=1&_sid=9ec38fa1f&_ss=r Shine Supply Classic Cut https://shinesupply.com/products/classic-cut-32oz?_pos=2&_sid=faa3a3c3f&_ss=r Shine Supply Classic Polish https://shinesupply.com/products/classic-polish?_pos=3&_sid=859c143c2&_ss=r Shine Supply Solution https://shinesupply.com/products/solution-ready-to-use?_pos=2&_sid=db4fc8f14&_ss=r

Are you looking for classic car detailing or classic car paint correction? Give us a call and visit our links below. We love detailing classic cars and taking old cars and making them look new. Let us come by and do some classic car ceramic coating to really bring back that classic shine, and you’ll be featured on our youtube channel! We specialize in paint correction, clear bra paint protection film, window tint, ceramic pro ceramic coatings, feynlab ceramic coatings, sps Graphene coating, powdercoating, wheel repair and more! We carry many great brands of product as you’ve seen in some of our videos! You can look before you buy, not many detailers can say that! Get your car detailed the right way with wicked auto protection / wicked auto detailing

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The goodbye detail and ceramic pro application for this 1950 Ford Shoebox.

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