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Feynlab Interior Cleaner | Product Review | Macan Turbo

Check out the review of Feynlabs newest product!

FEYNLAB INTERIOR CLEANER! The newest in Feynlabs amazing product line and we’ve got a little video for you! This stuff is cheap, clear, minimal scent, non streaking and leaves you with a great clean finish. I found it to be easy to use on all surfaces from plastics to leather. Extremely aggressive yet gentle! This makes interior detailing quicker and safer. Check out our video review before you move on!

A lot of product manufacturers rely upon different ratios of APC (All Purpose Cleaner) for both inside and outside surfaces, Feynlab has taken a different approach ensuring no damage is made to the surface you are working on in the cleaning process.

The biggest issue when wiping down vehicle interiors is organic contamination. Gross right? The inside of your vehicle is ripe from constant crud in the air and on other surfaces throughout the day with a buildup of dead skin and oil from your hands, fall out in the air when you have your window open, the sneeze your child just let out in the back seat, etc. The coffee spill is going happen and outside dirt is going to find its way inside your car. These are all contaminants and that’s what Feynlab Interior Cleaner was made to eliminate with ease. The cleaner agitates and breaks down the organic contamination allowing them to be removed with a  microfiber towel.

Safe for all interior automotive surfaces such as leather, plastic, vinyl, carpet and alcantara, and it’s safe non-toxic use around the house. Use it to clean and disinfect your sinks, counter-tops, toilets, couches, pet stains… you name it!

I found this product to work excellent inside this Macan Turbo and would highly recommend it at a fair price of $14.51 on


Feynlab Interior Cleaner | Macan Turbo

Feynlab Interior Cleaner | Macan Turbo


  • Easy to use
  • Safe on all surfaces
  • Low Odor
  • Inexpensive


  • Spray bottle top not great

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