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Nexgen Ceramic Spray | Review & Demo

A bad ass new ceramic spray has just hit the market! Check out the review of the new NEXGEN Ceramic Spray.

Are you ready for a new bad ass ceramic spray product? NEXGEN has produced an amazing and easy to use ceramic spray coating that even your grandma could apply! Whats even better is that it actually works! They may have some F11 top coat type advertising but their products work like a pro grade detailing product! Check out my YouTube review of this great product below and don’t forget to subscribe!

NEXGEN ceramic spray is easy to apply using just a few microfiber towels or if you want to, a microfiber applicator pad. Fold your towel into a square and spray a few spritz’s on, and then buff off with a second dry towel. You should instantly feel your paint become slick! Man that was easy right? I’ve even applied this stuff in direct sunlight with no issues! This product is safe for gloss paint, matte/satin paint, wheels, windows, trim, pretty much any surface of the car!

Proper paint prep is recommended! Paint prep at minimum should include washing and claying the vehicle. This is paired great with the NEXGEN quick detail spray which can be used as a clay lubricant. They also make a water-less wash too if you’d like to wash your car that way first. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT TO JUST WIPE YOUR VEHICLE OF DUST OR DIRT!

This product is rated to last 6-12 months with proper application and care. I highly recommend picking some up at BUYNEXGEN.COM. I’ve been using it as a topper for some of my basic details or annual maintenance treatments. A great up-sell to the professional or inexpensive protection for the DIY weekend warrior. I give this a 9/10 for shine! They offer free samples online too!


Nexgen Ceramic Spray

NEXGEN has released a great DIY ceramic spray product! Easy to apply, inexpensive to buy, a great up-sell or protection option! rated 6-12 months! Check it out.


  • Easy to apply
  • Applicable in sunlight
  • Free samples
  • Amazing slickness and shine


  • Available online only currently
  • Only lasts 12 months
  • May leave rainbow effect if applied incorrectly

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