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Check out a video comparison of two bad ass cutting compounds from two great companies! TLD The last Cut and Shine Supply Classic Cut

I compared the cutting power on a jet black Lexus F Sport SUV that was pretty jacked up from years of washing. I split the door down the middle and used Meguiar’s microfiber pads to test the cutting and finishing down power of TLD the last cut and Shine Supply Classic Cut. TLC has a long working time so I was able to work it longer and cut out more defects but in my test I left marring behind. When I used the classic cut, I had to two do passes but was left with less marring and a clearer finish before final polish. However Jace Price recommended to me to use a polishing foam or finishing pad on speed 5-6 to reduce some of that marring so I will try that next time! Both of these products are affordable and work very well. I highly recommend them! Check out the video for more info!


Shine Supply Classic Cut VS TLD The Last Cut

Check out this video comparison of Jace Price's TLD the last cut compound and Shine Supply Classic Cut compound. Both are great products and I highly recommend them both. Versatile in many situations.


  • Both have great cutting ability
  • Both work on correcting black paint
  • TLD the last cut has a long working time
  • Shine Supply classic cut can cut quickly and break down fast
  • Both are affordable

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