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Ceramic Coating made On YouTube?!

This is a video explaning what is wrong with the detailing industry and also explaining how to actually apply a ceramic coating.

There are many out there trying to join the game, but how good is a detailing product that is made by a company who watched YouTube videos about ceramic coating and has no clue about detailing processes or procedures?

I am tired of ceramic coating companies opening up and trying to push a product because they heard our industry is bumpin. Half of them have products which suck to apply and don’t hold up long and when you call for help they honestly have no clue because they don’t even make their own product, they source it out to a factory in china or somewhere and have it made. They have no real idea of the actual chemistry in these products. I am tired of these. This company approached me because they wanted an instructional video for their product because they do not know how to prep a car and apply it, how sad is that! They are calling their product 9h but it doesnt apply like a 9h coating and they did not rate it to last as long as most 9h coatings do. So I made them an instructional video where I also let them know how I feel about their company. Watch it to learn more!


Nano Age 9h Ceramic Coating

A easy to apply ceramic coating that is made by a joke of a company. I have no clue how long it will actually realistically last as it feels easier to use than wax or even feynlab ceramic lite ceramic coating which is the easiest coating on the market to apply generally. I cannot support this company because of the reasons explained above and in the video.


  • Easy to use
  • A little goes a long way
  • 5-6 layers in a bottle
  • Highly Glossy


  • Horrible instructions
  • Not made by company selling

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