Ceramic Coatings classic cars

A Ford What did you say?!

The goodbye detail and ceramic pro application for this 1950 Ford Shoebox.

Recently we were hired for some classic car auto detailing to get this amazing 1950 Ford Shoebox ready for sale! I had no idea this car was called a shoebox prior to working on it. It was custom built for SEMA with air ride, custom interior build, supercharged V8, and so much more! We went out to prep it for its new home as it was being sold.

We performed a thorough hand car wash, clay bar service to remove contamination, a light machine polish service to gloss up the paint and then did a ceramic pro sport application to finish it off. Detailing classic cars is one of my favorite activities. I was super excited to be detailing this amazing car. We created this awesome youtube video documenting our detail which is episode 8 of our classic car detailing series. Check out the other episodes as well!


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