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Check out this epic fail of a DIY paint correction after a guy watches chemical guys videos on youtube when he should of been watching Wicked Auto Detailing video’s and using other products and he ended up with the worst DIY detail fail you’ve ever seen on this jet black tesla Model X. Over 20 hours of his time went into making this vehicle the worst paint we’ve ever seen. It took us only 4 hours of paint correction and paint polishing to get this vehicle looking remotely normal although it did see some damage unfortunately. The owner is going to apply clear bra on the front end of the vehicle as well which will hide some of the swirls and paint damage left on the car. This poor Tesla didn’t see it coming! Do not fall into the chemical guys marketing trap with their 1000 different products that supposedly all do different things and their horrible foam pads and torq polisher. Buy quality tools like Griot Garage and Rupes and use compounds and polishes such as Shine Supply Classic Cut or Meguiars 105 and 205, really products without fillers. But really you should seek professional paint correction services for a sensitive black car like this Tesla Model X. See the amazing before and after paint correction on a black car in this black car detailing video!

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